We are a team of passionate changemakers on a mission to end hunger, poverty, and deforestation.

For over 30 years we are connected with Bali.
With this Trees4Bali Project we want to make a small contribution to improving the global climate and supporting the local farmers.

Each season we buy and distribute large numbers of native trees to hundreds of farmers and landowners. We buy fruit trees from a number of nurseries.

Trees make an awesome gift. They are beautiful, they produce the oxygen we all breath while absorbing the CO2 that is causing Climate Change. So we have build Trees4Bali to make offering trees an enjoyable experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Our man in Bali is Mr. Bayuna, he will take care the project and the planting of the trees.

In addition, we will document and visualize everything here through these web pages.

Security & Transparency:
Your contribution for the Tree Sponsorship will be transferred directly to Bali.
Our agency on Bali “Griyasari” and Mr. I.B. Bayuna will personally take care of the tree plantings and monitor and document all steps.

I.B. Bayuna, Gryasari, Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 49, Kesiman – Kertelangu, Denpasar – 80237 Bali – Indonesia,
Phone: + 62 – 361 – 461910.