Help us to save the world!

With our project – Trees for Bali – you get your own tree on Bali, Indonesia.

When You Plant Trees: . You help families to feed themselves. You provide permanent and seasonal employment.

Make a positive climate contribution and offset the CO2-emissions through our sustainable tree-plant projects.

When you plant a tree on Bali, you will:

  • help regulate climate & make a positive climate contribution
  • offset your CO2-emissions
  • remove megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  • revitalize and improve soil quality
  • prevent soil erosion
  • protect watershed areas
  • reverse environmental degradation
  • restore biodiversity
  • reserve endangered species
  • support the local and global economy
  • increase the income of poor farmers
  • provide economic stability for local villagers and farmers
  • supports the local community  (Fruits for poor families and farmers)
  • provide a long time impact: Certain trees will grow up to 400 years.
  • be proud of you own tree(s) in Bali

However, our project is about much more than the compensation of CO2. One-third of all emissions have come from land-use change, namely deforestation. By reforesting and planting trees, we are helping to bend the climate curve, restore species habitat, clean the water, and support the local and global economy.