Trees4Bali plantings are made possible thanks to our generous sponsors who share our mission.

Our Sponsors:

Sponsors: Sponsors:
J.M. Kampshoff
E. Margraf
M. Baumgartner
L. Gerey
C. Schuler
E. Mutter
A. von Salem
E. Settler
M. Morris
K. Fründt
D. Brust
U. Schuster
M. Yavas
C. Eberle
A. Kampshoff
M. Yavas
T. Mangelsdorf
Dr. K.Gueinzius
A. Vandeneijnde
Noa Kirana
M. Maloney
Chaira Lia
M. Harucksteiner
A. Thie
D. Furzl
S Praetzler
M. Seibert
K. Shaw
C. Bazeley
S. Meritet
N. Suzuki
G. Mangelsdorf
E. Montella
Fam. Fritschy
F. Kempf
I. Eicken
C. Brakmann
Friedrich-Goodal  l
A. Demireva
N. Kirsch
N. Sedlmayr
C. Caveney
P. Purvis
Sarah + Max
A. Gracheva
S. Lützelschwab
A. Strobl
A.Gawde (10 trees)

M. Trebuth
A. Harucksteiner
M. Maloney
C. Connolly
Ethan Connolly
E. Connolly
R. Klein
N. Zhakassova
N. Dlug
Gretchen Raya



10 trees club:
C. Schuler
J. Kampshoff
A Gawde


The generous contributions of our corporate sponsors give us the ability to do so much more. These businesses and organizations find value in forming partnerships to support our work and demonstrate their commitment to the environment by planting trees. Many of our sponsors inspire their customers by promising to plant a tree or trees when a product or service is purchased or a transaction is made with their business.

Companies who support us:

World Traveler Club 





Your donation has a direct impact on the earth and lives of the people who need it most. By helping us plant trees, you give poor local families the ability to earn some extra income.

Example of a Sponsor Tree: