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Here you get your own Avocado tree on the island of Bali.

With your donation and sponsorship you contribute to climate regulation and compensate your CO2 emissions. Your tree will bind over 500 kg of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, prevent soil erosion and  improved soil quality. Your tree provides biodiversity will be a new habitat for animals and plant species. Another important part of your tree sponsorship is to support local people and help poor farmers to earn extra income from the fruits of their tree.
With your tree sponsorship, you will also receive a long-term and sustainable souvenir (avocado trees can live up to 100 years).

Become a tree sponsor and sponsor an avocado tree in Bali for only 45 Euro

Why an avocado tree?
The avocado is an evergreen tree which can grow easily on the tropical island of Bali.  The avocado is mainly known for its high-energy fruit that is rich in nutrients. The Avocado fruit provides as  important nutrients and is a particularly good source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Already after 4 to 6 years, an avocado tree can already bear fruit. An avocado tree can grow up to 20 meters tall and can get up to 120 years old. An avocado tree will bind about 500 kg of CO2 in 10 years.

Your tree sponsorship includes:

  • Project start
  • Secure money transaction
  • Certificate for the tree
  • Rearing the seedlings
  • Planting the tree
  • Handover to local farmers
  • Care of the tree and maintenance
  • Training the farmers
  • Assign a unique ID for each tree and entry in our public tree registry
  • Capture the coordinates of each tree
  • Documentation, reporting & photos for surveillance
  • Annual checks and reports
  • Communication with farmer and the sponsors
  • On request, a sign with your name will be attached to the tree
  • Free e-book: Think Green

For a one-time donation of USD 45 you get your own avocado tree!

How can I get my tree?
Choose the amount of trees below, purchase, checkout and proceed the payment (with a secure PayPal transaction).
After the payment you can download a certificate and you will receive an email with further details.
Your tree will be planted promptly (subject to weather conditions).
After the planting, you will receive an e-mail with photo documentation, the position and address of the tree and the planting date.

We provide all time transparency. You are also welcome to visit your tree anytime

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