Hello Stephanie Meritet

Thank you for your tree sponsorship.

Your 2 trees was planted on 23. August, 2021 in, Bali, Indonesia.
One Mango Tree and one Avocado Tree.

The Address is:  Jalan Noja, Kesiman, 80237 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Geographic coordinates: Lat -8.641936, Lon:

Name of the Farmer: Mr Rai Ida Bagus

Your Tree:  Mango Tree / No. 243   Avocado Tree / No 132


Mango Tree:

The Avocado Tree

New Pictures, 30.11.21

Mango Tree is growing well.

The Avocado Tree,   Date  1. Dec. 2021.  
The tree is growing well. The tree need much water in the summer time.

Location Map:


We are pleased that you support the project.
With your donation and the tree sponsorship from Trees4Bali you contribute to climate regulation and CO2 compensation!
You help biodiversity and create new habitats for animals and plant species. Your tree prevents soil erosion and promotes groundwater and soil quality.
Another important part of your tree sponsorship is the support of the local community.
Your Mango Tree and your Avocado Tree and its fruits help a poorer farmer to generate additional income.

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Via this address, you can then organize a visit to your tree on your next trip to Bali:
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 49
Kesiman – Kertelangu
Denpasar – 80237
Bali – Indonesia
Phone: + 62 – 361 – 461910